Innovative Learning by Hidraulic Heritage Mapping H2O Map

“H₂O Map: Innovative Learning by Hydraulic Heritage Mapping” is an Erasmus+ KA201 project, coordinated by the FACSA chair of Innovation in the Integral Water Cycle from the Jaume I University, which aims to promote the use of  ICT tools and STEM to increase the quality of education, analyze water resources and value hydraulic heritage, as well as the ethical and civil responsibility which we must all protect.

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The 6th virtual meeting of H2OMap focuse on the next actions
1024 494 Delia Trifi Rufino

The 6th H2OMap virtual meeting focused on detailing the next activities of this 2022. Among them, 2nd LTTA that will take place next May in Pavia (Italy). So excited to move forward!    

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The 3rd Transnational Meeting takes place in Castellón
1024 768 Laura Menéndez

This gathering reunited 21 assistants from seven different institutions that are a part of the project. The meeting took place in two different days. The 20th of September was dedicated to the revision of everything that has taken place during the last year and all the accomplishments of H2OMap; the members also started coordinating the next…

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Multiplier event in Elda is featured in Tele Elx
1024 576 Laura Menéndez

The multiplier event that took place in Elda, Alicante, appeared last week on Tele Elx. On this program they focused on hydraulic heritage and why it is so important.  You can watch it here:

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